AcidBlue The Next Generation of Muriatic Acid

Champion Acid Blue pH Down 41

The next generation of muriatic acid is finally here! AcidBlue’s Skin Protec™ formula shields intact skin from being attacked and severely burned while the Vapor Reduction Technology (VRT)™ used in the manufacturing process produces a muriatic acid that is easier to use, store, and ship compared to standard muriatic acid. When the job requires the use of muriatic acid choose…AcidBlue.

Product Information and Sizes Available:

Item Number – CH520

Size – 1 gallon (4/case)

Item Number – CH521

Size – 5 gallon

Item Number – CH522

Size – 15 gallon

Item Number – CH524

Size – 55 gallon drum

Item Number – CH525

Size – 275 gallon tote

Features and Benefits:

• Vapor Reduction Technology (VRT)™ reduces up to 90% of the harmful vapors associated with standard muriatic acid
• Proprietary Skin Protec™ formula protects intact skin from being attacked and severely burned
• Phosphate free
• Easier and safer during application, storage and shipping
• Does not permeate through plastic bottle lowering the risk of corrosion to the storage area
• Bottles ship as a Limited Quantity product avoiding expensive Hazmat charges
• Effective pH adjuster in swimming pools and spas
• Cleans pool filters, chlorine generators and meter electrodes
• Excellent for acid washing pool & concrete surfaces without noxious fumes
• Effective de-scaler, tile cleaner, and porcelain cleaner
• Removes stains from driveways, garage floors and more
• Etches and brightens concrete & cleans mortar from brick
• Removes rust, scale, efflorescence and mineral buildup from concrete & masonry surfaces


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