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CPDI offers a number of their own branded products: AcidBlue, Arocep, Champion, Go Green, Majestic and Sunbrite. CPDI's portfolio of liquid chemical products spans both the retail and institutional market.

  • AcidBlue brand of products include: The next generation of muriatic acid.
  • Arocep brand of products include: Germicidal Bleach, Glass Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar, Ammonia.
  • Champion brand of products include: Windshield Washer Fluid, Bug Be-Gone, Pool Shock, Pool Antifreeze, RV Antifreeze, Muriatic Acid.
  • Go Green brand of products include: DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).
  • Majestic brand of products include: Bleach.
  • Sunbrite brand of products include: Bleach, Ammonia, All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar.

State of the Art Facility

CPDI occupies two manufacturing facilities and one distribution facility. We have multiple filling and blow molding lines and our own fleet of trucks. Therefore, product turn around time and transportation of product is made easy. CPDI is a fully integrated manufacturer of their own retail brand products.

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Blow Molding Services

CPDI’s plastic bottles are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) this type of plastic makes the product economical, impact resistant and provides a good moisture barrier.

CPDI’s blow molding operation offers near clean room capability in a temperature controlled environment. With our 118 point computer Parison programming CPDI can maintain plastic distribution and bottle weight to your exact specification.

CPDI offers only 100% virgin prime resin including high stress resins for those hard to contain liquid products.

Our in house product testing is second to none. Our elite force of lab and quality technicians utilize and maximize their skill and extensive training to follow a list of testing procedures to assure a product of great value.


CPDI professionals can effectively arrange for your products safe transportation. Our customer service team, shipping/receiving, certified fork lift operators, truck drivers and dock workers undergo a rigorous training period to provide you the best service.

Our experienced transportation department provides logistic solutions via our internal fleet of trucks, common carrier, LTL, FedEx, UPS or rail.

Our distribution center with over 29 loading docks that is conveniently located at the junction of major N/S and E/W corridors provides easy expressway access that allows even the least experienced driver ease of transit.

CPDI Brands



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